What is the proper way of applying bleaching creams

The market is flooded with different skin lightening and bleaching products. Most of them claim to provide younger looking, radiant and flawless skin. Most popular of these are the bleaching creams because they are easily available at a cosmetic store.

However, when it comes to using the bleaching cream you have to beware of how it works to avoid any negative reactions and skin burns. Following the given instructions, you can properly and safely use the bleaching cream to get the desired skin tone.

Select a proper cream

Selecting a proper bleaching cream is important. You have to assure that there are no harsh chemicals like hydroquinone. A cream with all-natural ingredients will be perfect. Make sure the cream you buy it according to your skin type and tone. For different parts of body there are different bleaching creams, so buy the right product.


It is important that you know how to prepare the bleaching mixture.

1. Take a clean bowl

2. Add 2 scoops of bleach cream

3. 2 to 3 pinches of activator

Mix it properly with a help of spatula and you will notice that the texture of cream will cange slightly.

Patch test

You have to do a patch test before you use the cream. Apply a small portion under your chin, in the folds of your elbow or behind your ear. Check the area after 48 hours. If you notice any symptoms like itching, redness or inflammation it is advised that you discontinue the use. If there are no symptoms you can continue using the cream.

Apply properly

Read the instructions on the pack carefully before applying the cream. If you will not follow the instructions, you might damage your skin. While applying the cream you should avoid the sensitive parts like near the eyes and on your lips. If there are any other sensitive areas on your face or body, you should avoid applying the cream there as well.

Removing the cream

If you have fair complexion you should wait for 15 minutes and for individuals with dusky skin 10 minutes are enough. Take a tissue or soft towel to remove the cream from the face. After that you can wash your face with water. Directly washing the face might get messy. Apply a moisturizer after removal of cream.

Bottom line

After using the bleaching cream, it is important that you protect your skin from the sun. The skin will be sensitive, and it will be vulnerable to sun damage. You should apply SPF 30 or above while going out in the sun to the parts of the body that are exposed. You can wear long sleeves and pants. You must take extra care of your skin if you want the effect of bleaching cream to stay for a long time. properly cleanse and moisturize your skin after bleaching. It will keep the pores clean and open and you will not have to deal with any side effects.